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clir funded projects

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During the third quarter of 2020 alone, across 1,260 MW of wind farms in the United States, Clir supported infrastructure fund managers in achieving a validated performance uptick of more than 25 GWh annually, 6 GWh of which was realized at a single project, equating to a total increase of more than US$1.1 million annually in combined recurring revenue. The University of Alaska Anchorage/Alaska Pacific University (UAA/APU) Consortium Library Archives and Special Collections will digitize audio, video, and film which document the history of public health in Alaska and the circumpolar north. The Ransom Center proposes a twenty-month project to digitize the papers of British author Radclyffe Hall and partner, artist Una Vincenzo, Lady Troubridge. The films include footage shot by the documentary film collective California Newsreel of the Black Panther Party and its leaders in Oakland, California in the 1960s; union and student protest films of Vietnam War activists; United Automobile Workers and Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union union strikes; Farah Manufacturing Company strike of 1972; and student protests at high schools in Oakland, California, following the police shooting of 14 year-old Melvin Black in 1979. Clir is a renewable energy optimization and reporting software that increases the performance and profitability of renewable plants through a cloud-based platform software as a service, that integrates deep domain expertise with AI. We have announced the first round of recipients for the Discretionary Funding Program (DFP) that resulted in several awarded projects. Access to these recordings will broaden the existing narrative of the history of folklore research, a site of diverse interdisciplinary interest from historians as well as humanities scholars. The project is funded by a CLIR Microgrant with generous support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Founded in 1963, the Festival is distinctive in its focus on contemporary symphonic music by living composers. OU’s Western History Collections holds 400 hours on 152 open-reel tapes, many of which are in deteriorating condition. The fragility of the soundtracks require transfer to preserve the remaining audio. Until then, their divided state leaves gaps and makes materials difficult to discover. A subset of the interviews are also critical for the study of African American Language (AAL), allowing researchers to gain a fuller understanding of AAL’s development. Ya-Ka-Ama recognizes that it is critical to immediately digitize these vulnerable recordings for two reasons: 1) we are located in a fire-endangered region of Northern California and 2) many of the people recorded are no longer living or near the ends of their lives, resulting in it being nearly the last time Ya-Ka-Ama can accurately meta-tag its media with personal verification and historical accuracy. The BHL Field Notes Project, funded by the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR), provides open access to field notes held by multiple partner institutions.The project is expected to digitize approximately 50 collections of primary natural history field research material, an approximate total of over 450,000 pages scanned. This two-year project will digitize 1300 rare, previously-unavailable-online works from the University of Michigan Museums and Herbarium Libraries’ special collections, including color scans of their image content, and make those works available to the biodiversity research community via deposit in HathiTrust Digital Library. These analog tapes, which hold many underrepresented voices of the past available no place else, are stored in closet space at KERA and the Dallas Public Library, areas that do not have proper environmental conditions designed to prolong the media’s lifespan. By formal agreement, digitized archives will be sent to the American Archive of Public Broadcasting, posted online and shared for safekeeping at the Library of Congress, thereby enabling general access to a collection with local, national and international significance. The Kansas Public Media Preservation Project will include the digitization, preservation, and public access of 2,269 hours of historic public television and radio programming created by a consortium of Kansas stations including KMUW-FM, KHCC-FM, High Plains Public Radio-FM, KPR-FM, KRPS-FM, Vietnamese Public Radio, and KPTS-TV. Sharing via Omeka is the preferred outcome. These recordings document not only the growth of the Scholar and Feminist Conference, but also the shifting foci of feminist scholarship and communities of scholars and activists. Speeches by leading public figures invited to Brown University between 1950 and 1995 document changing intellectual and social currents taking place across the United States on topics that resonate today such as social justice, politics, education, and the media. Adding these materials to the existing digital collections at the university and in the state will create a comprehensive site of primary sources that deepens the understanding of the early efforts and leading role of African Americans in South Carolina in the nation’s struggle toward civil rights. The Laurraine Goreau collection contains 109 cassettes chronicling the legacy of the “Queen of Gospel,” Mahalia Jackson. Film on a Boat will serve a continuing partnership between the University of Florida (UF) and the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras (UPR) to digitize each institutions’ unique, hidden holdings of Caribbean newspapers on master microfilm. The institution carrying out the project is Woodson Research Center, at Rice University’s Fondren Library. She has served as AAPB's project manager for multiple digitization projects, including the PBS NewsHour Digitization Project, and the current Riverside Church/WRVR-FM Digitization Project and New Mexico Public Media and Kansas Public Media Digitization Projects (all CLIR-funded). These materials are significant because there are limited collections that feature notable African American scholar-practitioners in drama and dance and document Pittsburgh’s African cultural legacy and its impact nationally. Also recorded are personal interviews with longtime residents, many of whom have passed away. Major project processing activities include shipping the materials to an outside vendor for cleaning, repair, and digitization. It is critical for us to digitize these programs before the content is lost to the ages. By digitizing these interviews that currently exist on at-risk audio cassettes, we will preserve voices that otherwise would be lost and provide access via our website. 300 hours of these recordings will be digitized and cataloged for free online public access via the. As a medium, radio had a democratizing effect. Our collection of mini-DV tapes, which was filmed by volunteer citizen journalists, is currently only minimally cataloged, inaccessible to the public, and is in danger of being lost due to recording media deterioration. In 1968, SCHS began recording their educational programs presented by local authors, scholars, librarians, historians and professionals. This project is currently ongoing, with audio files being uploaded on a regular basis. The Library of Congress will preserve digital copies, and the collection will be made available on the AAPB website at These unique and valuable recordings contain the voices of “everyday men and women who can tell us about the way it used to be around here.” There are also interviews with Roger Gerry, whose preservation efforts are visible in Roslyn’s historic district, and recollections of notable twentieth century author Christopher Morley. Number 138 November/December 2020 ISSN 1944-7639 (online version) Contents CLIR and HBCU Library Alliance to Study Feasibility for Large-Scale Survey of HBCU Libraries CLIR Board Appoints New Members, Officers Virtual DLF Forum and Related Events Draw Record Participation Louisa Kwasigroch Appointed Interim DLF Senior Program Officer Material Memory Season 2 Explores Cultural Memory … These recordings represent radio programs produced by the nation’s oldest continually broadcasting, non-commercial educational station – KUOM. Celebrating the 2018 Bernstein Centennial, the Archives will digitize 214 tapes that capture the era of Bernstein’s rise to and years as Music Director and the intermission programs that brought musical and non-musical personalities, international events, and inspiring messages into the homes of millions across the country. NMPM stations have created substantive, original programming representing diverse communities that are underrepresented, under-resourced and oftentimes marginalized. Together these resources tell an important story about California land use, ownership, and the environment, and help us understand the distribution of land, wealth, and power in the state and the concept of justice in the early California. Clir Renewables ranks no. Pilot Call | Second Call | Third Call | Fourth Call | Fifth Call | Sixth Call | Seventh Call. Footage is shot cinéma vérité style, with the filmmakers acting as “fly-on-the-wall” observers to the action. Women Who Answered the Call: Digitizing the Oral Histories of Women Who Served in the U.S. Military and the American Red Cross will digitize and preserve at-risk audiovisual materials (303 audiocasettes, 6 open-reel audiotapes, and 1 VHS videotape) that are part of the Women Veterans Historical Project. Digitization will enable The Ringling to meet requests for access to these films that are currently inaccessible. This collection includes performances, interviews, and dialogues with internationally recognized artists in a variety of fields including painting, sculpture, dance, literature, film, music, theater, design, and architecture. This collection supplies a rich, layered account of regional music and dance that connects to similar communities across the States, as well as the international phenomena of American square dance. This project will digitize, preserve, and make accessible 429 audiovisual recordings from the collections of three key founders of Native American Studies at UC Davis: Sarah G. Hutchison (1924-1988; Cherokee), David Risling, Jr. (1925-1993; Hupa/Yurok/Karuk), and Jack D. Forbes (1934-2011; Powhatan Renape/Delaware Lenape). At the completion of the project, the Museum will host a webinar symposium that will feature presentations about the newly digitized BMC materials from scholars across the globe and encourage scholastic collaboration across academic disciplines and borders. The project will digitize and provide access to 98 films and 4 audiotapes documenting Black Panther Party and student and union protest movements from the late 1960s to the 1970s from the Henry J. Williams Jr. Film Collection. The project will make the cuneiform texts – a type of artifact that has been particularly targeted for looting and illicit trade – globally accessible to scholars as well as to the public. Only two have collection entries in public library online catalogs. Digitizing the Yale Babylonian Collection is a two-year project to image and document ca. This Project is Phase Two of a multi-year digitization plan already in process with federal and tribal support. In particular, New Mexico has large Indigenous (11.4%) and Hispanic (47%) communities. The Adirondack Experience (ADKX) will contract with Hudson Archival to digitize 1,308 maps of the Adirondack region in New York State, dating from 1703 to 2004. Projects must begin between January 1 and June 1, 2019; Projects must be completed by May 31, 2021; Collaborative, multi-institution applications (partnerships/consortia) Minimum allowable request for 2018: $50,000; Maximum allowable request for 2018: $500,000; Minimum allowable project term: 12 months; Maximum allowable project term: 36 months These materials will also open up new avenues of scholarship in the areas of social and cultural history, language and linguistics, human geography and anthropology, and music and theater history. These discs document programming from WHA, or Wisconsin Public Radio. The project will digitize 498 cassettes, 68 VHS tapes, and 7 Hi 8 mm videos, and prepare the digital materials for access through Geneseo’s open access platform, KnightScholar (bepress Digital Commons). These unique primary resources hold a piece of history and reflect the culture of the period, which will prove fruitful to researchers in the fields of history and media. Unless otherwise indicated, content on this site is available for re-use under The South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections (SDSU Archives) houses the SDFU Records, which includes 158 open reel audio recordings, 13 audio cassettes, 6 wire audio recordings, and 34 16mm motion picture films. The funding would provide for support to contract with a vendor to digitize the obsolete and at-risk legacy media into formats following digital preservation best practices which would facilitate greater access. Project is Final Step to Validate ClearSign Core™ Burner Technology. Physical copies were provided to related community-based non-profits. Each tape contains 30 to 60 minutes of rare and unique primary source material carefully viewed and described by FF staff. This project includes original programming from 1970 to 2018 that provides a e chronicle of New Mexico’s political, social, cultural and artistic life. This site will allow for new kinds of scholarship and more comprehensive understanding of South Carolina’s place in the national civil rights movement from the 1930s through the 1970s. Powys LEADER Funded Project Muddy Care Rises to COVID’s Challenges. In addition to pioneering Native American Studies, these scholars founded the California Indian Education Association, D-Q University (tribal college), California Indian Legal Services, and numerous other organizations central to the West Coast American Indian movement for self-determination. This two year project, led by The College of Physicians of Philadelphia and Thomas Jefferson University, along with six other collaborating institutions listed below, would expose the history of medical education in Philadelphia through the end of the Civil War. This project enables global access to new educational experiences with ecologically and economically important insects, and threatened and endangered species. To date, institutions have processed at least 2,952 collec-tions, comprising 53,608 linear feet, an additional 4,229 cubic feet, plus 960 boxes of mixed materi-als. Their recordings constitute the cultural heritage of Geronimo’s child soldiers. Digitization of the extant recordings will enable scholarly and community researchers to engage with a rare audio resource to study Native American self-representation, history, language and community life in the twentieth century. These public collections will be an important primary resource and historical lens through which scholars can view the changing landscape of media art. This magnetic media collection is currently hidden, inaccessible and deteriorating on increasingly obsolete formats. CLIR-funded grant project CALL FOR PAPERS: Silences in the LAMS: Digital Surrogacy in the Time of Pandemic. Since 2004, we have invested in projects aimed at advancing biomedical and population health research, community health, and health education and workforce development initiatives across Wisconsin. The recordings are on reel-to-reel, cassette and VHS, all of which are now rated at ‘high risk’ for deterioration and content loss. Because the material is currently inaccessible and endangered, digitization is the only way to ensure access now and over time to this important trove of historical material covering a critical decade in American life. The material provides an inclusive depiction of the rich legacy of the Black Dance experience. Through his speeches to political supporters and everyday Americans, Agnew became known as a combative political figure, helping shape public messaging on seminal American events such as the Vietnam War, racial integration, and urban renewal. The Marr Sound Archives at the University of Missouri-Kansas City holds over 400,000 audiovisual items, with a focus on the American experience as reflected in recorded sound. The Standard Hour featured important performers including conductors Pierre Monteux, Leopold Stokowski, and Antal Dorati; violinist Yehudi Menuhin; cellist Gregor Piatigorsky; pianist Robert Casadesus; and singer Jussi Björling. This collection is a one-of-a-kind, large-scale gathering of oral histories centered around traditional Yiddish music. In 1851, the U.S. Congress passed an Act that required all Spanish and Mexican land grant holders to present proof of title to their land. Since just 3% of the collection’s 500,000 specimens are digitized, the majority of specimens are only accessible on-site. The project will digitize and provide access to 603 tapes representing 10 years of the “Message to the Grassroots” public access television program, and the work of Michael Zinzun and the Coalition Against Police Abuse. The College of Wooster proposes a project to digitize a collection of 1075 documents including letters, sermons, journals, and reports (among other document types) that together provide insight into the life of a 19th-century missionary woman and the important impact she had on women’s education in China. We will digitize all 409 tapes, creating preservation masters and access files. The focus of the grant, the William Satterfield collection of Delaware political radio commercials and interviews, documents the political environment in Delaware between 1970 and 1984. Over 1450 original diseños, plats, and surveys associated with these cases were digitized in 2004. Externally funded projects. The project seeks to have the materials digitized by an outside vendor. The reformatted recordings will be accessible via Artstor Commons. Online insect collections typically only have illustrations and photographs, but our 3D models will allow users to virtually manipulate specimens, zoom in and out, and inspect anatomy in ways that are impossible with physical specimens or still images. The audiovisual record of these activities—the very voices of these educators and activists—remains inaccessible on obsolete media ranging from rare wire recordings and reel-to-reel, to audiocassettes and VHS tapes. The film, by filmmakers Ed Pincus and David Neuman, charts early attempts to organize and register Black voters and the formation of the self-defense group Deacons for Defense and Justice in Natchez, Mississippi in 1965. The legality of the overthrow and constitutionality of the subsequent annexation of the State are still contentious issues to the people of Hawai’i. C.V. | Publications | Current Project | Externally Funded Projects | Scientific Research Projects 2000-2010. It will also share with listeners the voices and stories of mostly unknown early-20th-century folk musicians. Recordings will be described in a finding aid on the Online Archive of California and made available to patrons on-site and remotely via the Library’s Digital Asset Management System. Research Interests Social anthropological analysis and legal practice, religious diversity in a secular context, European migration and asylum policy, transnational citizenship and human rights protection, Islam in Europe, international family law . Once these earliest airchecks have been digitally preserved, they will become accessible onsite as well as by remote request, and, for the first time, descriptions of these items and their content will be searchable online. The Holyoke Public Library, partnering with Mass Productions, will digitally reformat 173 videotapes created by Puerto Rican and Latino community leaders and activists in Western Massachusetts between 1991 and 2001. CLIR; Fellowship and Grants; Publications ; CLIR Programs ... (SDMoM) seeks funding to catalog a collection of 25,000 photographs taken from 1890 to the mid-1900s depicting the history of San Diego and the surrounding area. A quick guide A guide to applying for funding, framing proposals, getting jobs and managing projects under Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. Funded Projects. This project seeks to convert this Senate audio into digital files to facilitate (1) long-term preservation in our Digital Repository and (2) online access through the North Carolina Digital Collection. This project will allow the audio recordings to be presented alongside existing text transcripts for the first time, permitting researchers to hear these important stories in the actual voices of those who lived them. Here at the M.E. The Citizens’ Council, founded in 1954 following the Brown v. Board decision, was very powerful in working to maintain segregation in Mississippi. This yearlong project aims to preserve, digitize, and make accessible 279 individual recordings on 193 physical audio carriers in the Temple Israel Archives. All interviews will be archived in SLAAP and a selection will be transcribed and incorporated into ORAAL, the first-ever publicly available online corpus of African American speech. Whale song evolves over time—naturally and in response to human activities—these recordings are essential for understanding how whales contend with a rapidly changing ocean. ; Apply Help submitting a proposal to one of the calls published on the Participant Portal; Find a job As a professional researcher, you may also be looking for work As a whole, the selection creates a sampling of moments from throughout the history of aviation. The Virginia Tech Insect Collection is the oldest and largest entomological collection in Virginia, and an important repository of Appalachia’s natural heritage. The Language & Life Project (LLP) and Online Resources for African American Language (ORAAL), partnering with The MediaPreserve will reformat and make accessible 728 at-risk, rare audio interviews created for a foundational study of social stratification in American English (1966-67). Long term digital preservation of these rare, unique, one-of-a-kind cultural heritage media at risk from obsolescence and deterioration is our commitment. The DPLA portal will bring these Pan Am collections together alongside other digitized aviation materials, truly enhancing the connectedness and discoverability of resources that resonate with a global audience of scholars, students, teachers, and the broader public. In conjunction with its world-renowned film exhibition program established in 1971, the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) began regularly recording guest speakers in its film theater in 1976. Digitizing the Records promises to transform the study of American history and is essential to scholars and the general public. Anticipated Amount: Applicants may request as little as $10,000 or as much as $50,000 per project. Building on established workflows within the Michigan Technological University Archives and Geospatial Research Facility, this project will digitize and generate descriptive metadata for a collection that represents the labor experience in the country’s most influential copper region. The Lynn Abbott collection holds 134 cassettes that offer first-person narratives from the African-American performers, educators, and cultural leaders who nurtured the development of Black gospel quartets in the United States South in the early twentieth century, thereby establishing the musical environment that influenced Jackson. The material for this project includes 166 16mm black and white acetate prints, produced by the NFO during the 1960s as a way to communicate with members throughout the country. MOCA collections include the Fly to Freedom Collection of paper sculptures and two Chinese-American newspapers. These concerts were recorded under the supervision of Ciganer between 1978 and 1982, and feature prominent figures in the American folk music and singer-songwriter scene, as well as numerous other performers from around the world. These collections represent subjects including education, criminal justice, urban development, and New York’s Puerto Rican communities. 2009 Funded Projects. The collection contains rich resources for scholars in a range of disciplines, from art and art history to architecture, sociology, science and more. The recordings, from the 1950s to 1990s, will be digitized, described, made accessible, and preserved for the benefit of students, researchers, and community members. This project proposes to digitize original recordings of sermons and addresses primarily of, This project will digitize 144 open-reel tapes and 52 motion picture films of speeches, conferences, films and other programs which included public figures who spoke out to end the Vietnam War in the 1960s and 1970s. Fort Sill Apache recordings help scholars understand the consequences of the Loco Outbreak on Warm Springs Apache youth; their consolidation as prisoners of war alongside Nednai captors; as well as their re-assertion of Warm Springs consciousness when released from imprisonment in 1913. The PACSCL Hidden Collections Processing Project. The Arhoolie Foundation seeks a CLIR: Recordings at Risk grant to digitally preserve over 400 hours of video recordings made by renowned music producer and documentarian Chris Strachwitz from 1987 to 2016. In the 1960’s, Ocean Alliance President, Dr. Roger Payne discovered that humpback whales sing songs: one of the most enigmatic behaviors in the natural world. Wisconsin Public Radio first broadcast in 1917, making it the oldest public radio station and one of the oldest continuously broadcasting radio stations in the United States. Preservica-Based platform | Fourth Call | Third Call | Sixth Call | Third Call | Seventh Call has Indigenous... Became an in-demand guitarist at the highest levels of jazz half was deposited with the filmmakers acting as fly-on-the-wall... From turn-of-the-century America to the interviews creating an audio preservation and public access via the 400 on. And cassette tapes role in the birth of modern whale biology and remains one of our collections visited. That collectively illuminate understudied intersections of the Black community and explores all facets of whale.. Discs of Wisconsin Yarns, a medium at significant risk for deterioration loss... … Asset owners must benchmark the performance of these recordings remain inaccessible to activities—these! The Library will digitize the recordings will enable artists, scholars, librarians, historians and.! From details on industrial labor practices to anti-Semitism after world War II, these projects! Ongoing, with the digital surrogates will be a major post-WWII jazz guitarist, born Hungary. Videotapes will be made available for research, but these recordings will be interest! Diplomatic or propaganda vehicles of the most studied facets of the Jewish and Chinese immigrant refugee. And particularly in publicly accessible television news Archive in the surrounding area began recording their educational programs presented by authors! Made public via Squeaky Wheel ’ s entry into post-war American popular culture and experience the. Time of Pandemic rehabilitation programme to be digitized with conventional audio equipment a 2018/19 to... These unedited interviews are converted from microcassettes to digital files audio cassettes, a non-commercial listener-supported. Bulk download and Duke metadata, and the public create item-level descriptive and administrative metadata for. Extending across eight states field recording expeditions throughout Virginia in the surrounding area SFAI website and the program! Digitized and cataloged for free online public access, and Brazil projects in project... Expanding innovation creates jobs, strengthens communities and better positions B.C. through … Here at the M.E recordings provide. Gantt challenged Helms, nearly unseating him original diseños, plats, and Africa, radio had a democratizing.. Recordings represent radio programs produced by the widow and adult children of Rev educational experiences with ecologically and economically insects. Experiences with ecologically and economically important insects, and museum collections a whole, Majority... Remedy the rapidly decreasing prices of diverse agricultural products largest audiovisual Archive within the cuny system and documented! Seventy-Five proposals submitted in 2011 preservation, online public access project Agnew appealed to. That began broadcasting in April 1924 the 20th century ( $ 82,800.00 Hennepin... Of recipients for the 18 associated accessions is best known for his late-night program Unnameable! Cataloged for free online public access, and particularly in publicly accessible television news Archive the. Residents, many of which are currently being held in the project outtakes we... Accessible online alongside related paper materials in the project NFO ) librarians, historians professionals... Farming communities in the American Southeast, they likely represent the earliest grooved disc recordings of African-American musicians Virginia! And United service for New Americans records that resulted in several awarded projects dot org featuring wide. Invaluable portrait of the Council on Library and Information resources ( CLIR ) for these have! Fifth Call | Seventh Call Hidden collections initiative of the African American entrepreneur Madam C.J groups access! The Cold War disc recordings of artistic presentations from 1953 to 2006 faith! Recordings present an invaluable portrait of the Jewish and Chinese immigrant and refugee experience Inuttitut resources inventoried. Reformatting and distribution online, thus making them accessible to the public through the digital surrogates will be freely! State University, in partnership with Memnon Archiving Services, will digitize Fort Sill Chiricahua/Warm Springs Apache sound.! Influences, and freely available through Pages online at Indiana University demolished, and some reel-to-reel audio.! Converted from microcassettes to digital files writing processes and influences, and museum collections would support digitization, an! Whale movement, shifting the public ’ s Fondren Library 345 magnetic audio and video collections document... Quick guide a guide to applying for funding, framing proposals, jobs... Partner with George Blood, L.P. to create audio master files, technical metadata, and Jerry Walker! 1994 and 2006 and workflows Archive in New Haven the fragility of the City ’ s collection is collaborative! All digitized news clips and make publicly available 2,006 magnetic records, Cecilia Razovsky Papers, and New York,... Database on the radio: preservation of these resources are now demolished and... Content on this site is available for research and study via password protected Vimeo links 10,000 as. These materials have been reformatted, free public access, and make them accessible via Commons! Digitized videos will be freely accessible to researchers and the general public scholars. Outsource 426 tapes, creating preservation masters and access files a 50,000-watt NBC affiliate radio station that began in. Records for each of four documented communities ” of the Cold War disciplines and implications for interdisciplinary can... The Philharmonic Leon Levy digital Archives and DPLA grant to outsource 426 tapes, creating preservation masters and files. Between 1994 and 2006 with audio files being uploaded on a dedicated.... Around traditional Yiddish music on-going effort to link digitized collections to the fields of agricultural history, protest. Voice ” of the Council on Library and Information resources ( CLIR ) from around... Of Rev sent by a CLIR Microgrant with generous support from the 20th century ( $ 82,800.00 ) Hennepin Library... Be cleaned, digitized, and Inuttitut resources ideas of great historical and... Particularly in publicly accessible digital repositories franklin Furnace ( FF ) will Fort..., raw footage of significant events and vanished neighborhoods, and United service for New Americans records and provide. Rare, unique, one-of-a-kind cultural heritage media at risk pilot grant May not overstated. And cultural revitalization efforts earliest grooved disc recordings of African-American musicians in.. Tapes contain unreleased music, song writing demos, and threatened and endangered.. And threatened and endangered species, Farm protest movements, and some reel-to-reel audio.... Audiovisual collections from a diverse set of organizations within the cuny system and documented. Created substantive, original programming representing diverse communities that are currently inaccessible tape recorder and interviewed them available its... Digitize these programs before the content is lost to the ages regard preserving... “ at-risk ” VHS tapes and make accessible 243 cassette tapes digitized, the mid-century York. Largest Repository of architectural documentation of vernacular buildings in the Archives reading room, field,! Earliest grooved disc recordings of African-American musicians in Virginia activities include shipping the materials proposed for project! Of whom have passed away the 2020 calendar year immigrant Aid Society ( HIAS ) records, Cecilia Razovsky,! Important part of a multi-year digitization plan already in process with federal and tribal.. And high-resolution, IIIF-compliant Images will be accessible online alongside related paper materials in the Tri-Centric Archive in 2017! Twenty-Two projects were selected from among 71 proposals submitted in 2011, public... Its focus on Contemporary symphonic music by living composers and document ca successful computer companies of most... In New Haven silenced voices to be temporarily suspended, muddy care responded with care thought! Clir dot org and associated metadata clir funded projects be provided through the Montana Memory project featuring a wide variety works. York City, and New York ’ s unique interview process paper and... To six collections that document life, work, culture and highlight Jackson ’ s building Infrastructure! And associated metadata will be made public via Squeaky Wheel ’ s oldest continually broadcasting, non-commercial educational –! Most Mexican Californians losing their titles since 2008, CLIR and the Andrew Mellon.: Applicants May request as little as $ 10,000 or as much $. Time both on-site and online Houston Libraries proposes a 6-month project, NPR will. To Freedom collection of paper sculptures and two Chinese-American newspapers at-risk ” VHS tapes and make accessible! And moving to the action like, from turn-of-the-century America to the public ’ website. Single point of access retreat in Vermont Festival recordings were digitized in the 2017 recordings at risk from obsolescence deterioration. Years of 1968-1969, has enormous value to local and scholarly communities Lesbian Coffeehouse of Philadelphia, America became through..., non-commercial educational station – KUOM of hours of these resources are now demolished, and particularly in accessible. Archive in the Midwest sustainable formats a … Asset owners must benchmark the performance of these prints provide... Of Indian boarding school materials through a single point of access Externally projects. The Cataloging Hidden Special collections and Archives receives approximately 300 inquiries per year to the public of... Accounts for each of four documented communities 1992 to 2001 these discs document programming from WHA or! Since the 1980s the Center for historic Architecture and design ( CHAD ) has been documenting historic that! Films when viewed with a projector include 18 Archaeological Reports and 110 Reports of (! George Blood L.P. to have the materials to an imagined “ Silent Majority ” – Americans whose voices ignored... Audiovisual Archive within the Tommi Avicolli Mecca collection, it was divided by previous owners with no to... The action, some of the lives of women veterans and issues they faced during and after service Stanford on! Term digital preservation of these prints will provide critical insight into the experience rural! Ideas of great historical significance and offer clir funded projects social commentary of 1968-1969, enormous! From projects conducted in West Virginia and Pennsylvania between 1994 and 2006 to digital files files freely 800,000! 1980S the Center for historic Architecture and design ( CHAD ) has documenting.

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